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Menopause Relief Programme

Hypnotherapy with Helen

Menopause Relief Programme

Suffering from an inferno of hot flushes?

Feel like you’re about to erupt?

Sick and tired of dealing with rivers of sweat?

The Menopause Relief Programme could help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of your hot flushes – putting you back in control.

There is NO medication involved.

Only  Relaxation

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What is Involved?

The programme consists of four hypnotherapy sessions, tailored to your specific and individual needs. The sessions are best completed within a four to six-week period.
The program includes recordings of scripts, supporting information and assistance.  

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“The most useful part of the course has been the relaxation and help in reducing hot flushes. The whole concept has really helped with my hot flushes. It has also helped if I wake in the middle of the night feeling anxious. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course with Helen.”


Research results

In October 2012, a research paper was published by Professor Gary Elkins, (Baylor University Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory U.S.A.) who ran a clinical trial to test the effect of clinical hypnosis upon hot flushes. The trial found that Clinical hypnosis can effectively reduce hot flashes and associated symptoms among postmenopausal women. Furthermore, a reduction in hot flushes between 70% – 80% was recorded, with lower intensity of those remaining. Elkins concluded that this treatment could provide a low cost alternative to managing hot flushes and potentially help millions of women. 

Read the published medical study of Clinical Hypnosis in the Treatment of Post-Menopausal Hot Flashes: A Randomized Controlled Trial.  
The results reported subjective hot flash frequency from baseline to week 12 showed a mean reduction of 55.82 hot flashes for the clinical hypnosis intervention (74.16%), versus a 12.89 hot flash reduction (17.13%) for the control.

These results show there is a high chance you will experience less hot flushes by using hypnotherapy.


 “In an early pilot study, 16 female breast cancer survivors received 4 weekly 45-minute hypnosis sessions delivered by a trained hypnotherapist. During therapy, suggestions were given for coolness, comfort, and refreshment. Participants also received instruction in self-hypnosis and were encouraged to practice daily. Results indicated that hot flash frequency decreased by 59% over the course of the study.”  Read the full results.

To discuss your concerns and desires, get in touch for a confidential chat today.

Your investment in the Menopause Relief programme

Your investment in the programme is $600 – this includes four sessions,  personalised audios plus .

Further support sessions are available for people with additional  goals.

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“Thankyou very much for helping me find the “off switch” for the inner combustion oven that comes with menopause. After 5 appointments my daytime symptoms have markedly improved and my night symptoms have mostly disappeared. This is a stunning result and I am hugely happy about it.”

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