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Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to improve your life?
Free yourself from stress, unhealthy habits, phobias, anxiety and limiting beliefs.
Empower yourself with tools and techniques to improve your day to day life.


I’m Helen

Since 2007 I have been empowering people with the tools and techniques of self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist I love to share and teach a range of  tools and techniques to positively impact and transform your life. Read More



Weight Loss Success

“The first time I met Helen my life changed. I now eat good, healthy, nutritious meals & I love it. I feel lighter & I have more energy. I have more self confidence & I am really happy. I am fabulous!! I have gone from strength to strength & I am never looking back. So many people notice & compliment me now which helps boost my confidence & determination. I wish I’d come to see Helen sooner.”


Emotional Eating success

“I have changed my emotional eating – I’d normally restrict myself when unhappy and then binge later so I am feeling so positive and very proud of myself.”


Anxiety and Sleep success

“Thankyou Helen, listening to your tracks before bed I have found I can sleep much better at night, and I’m free of the stress and anxiety that’ I’d been battling for so long. I feel amazing.”


 “When you change the way you see the world,

the world you see will change.”

Wayne Dyer

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