Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression can be an immensely powerful technique for clearing away many of life’s problems. The causes of many psychological problems such as phobias, fears, emotional over-reactions, self-sabotage, mental blocks to success and relationship issues can be traced to past life issues. 

Past life regression enables past life recall, or the ability to see and experience a past life of yours that is directly affecting your current life. It allows us to explore past lives which occurred in previous times to our current lives, so that we can gain understanding and insight into how our current life is affected by our past incarnations. 

Past life regression is a form of healing which helps to release imprints that our soul has taken on from our past lives. 

The past life which shows itself during the session will be the lifetime which is currently having the biggest effect on your current life. It may have been one where you were a different sex to what you are now, a different race, or living in a different country or time.

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Examples of Issues that can be resolved

What is Involved?

Physical problems, pains, allergies and even some diseases can also be linked with past lives. By understanding these past issues and seeing how they relate to present day it is possible to detach from the energy of those other lives. When this happens the problems in our current life can be completely and permanently released. 

During your past life regression session, I will talk with you about issues which are affecting your current life, then you will be taken into a state of relaxation. You will be guided to meet a spirit guide of yours then to view your past life. We will go through a healing process at the end of the session to help eliminate imprints from the past life. The length of the session will depend on how much information comes through at the time of the regression and how much further we need to explore the past life. 

Allow two hours for the entire session. 

"What an incredible experience it was to do this exercise, I now can understand aspects of my personality that previously were a complete mystery. Thank you so much!”


For best results:

Most people are able to successfully view a past life of theirs in a regression session. Please note that past life regressions are non-refundable regardless of whether we are able to access a past life or not. 

To ensure that your past life regression is successful here are a few tips:

– do not fall asleep during the regression
– avoid caffeine or other stimulants prior to your appointment
– avoid taking sleeping pills the night before 
– do not get caught up on the idea that its all in your imagination
– wear comfortable, loose clothing to your appointment so that you are able to relax.

It is not recommended that you undergo a past life regression if you are currently taking psychoactive medication.

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